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Electric Food Heating Lunch Box 🍝😋 50% OFF NOW! 😋🍝

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✨Use our heated lunch box and avoid sharing microwaves with others✨
You can just plug in the cable and enjoy a warm meal sitting in your seat or on the go with your Electric Lunch Box now!

Portable Electric 12V Heated Lunch Box – KniqKnax

With this heating design. You can warm your food anywhere anytime without a microwave, which allows you to have a hot meal.

Heat Food in your Car - the Self-Heating Lunch Box also has an adapter for your car. You can start warming your lunch while you're driving to work!

It is very convenient to take your meal with you. And the waterproof design of the plug port can keep it from the water while not heating, very safe.
With this Electric Lunch Box, you can heat your meal at school, in the office, or during travel.

Heating food just needs approximately 10-20 minutes (depending on food type). Your Electric Lunch Box comes with two plugs: One for home and/or office usage along with one plug for your car or truck.

Why you should buy this? 

  • Using high temperature resistant environmental materials.
  • Stylish and fashionable appearance, without odor and healthy.
  • The steam device is designed as a ground cover, keeping the food fresh.
  • The use of PTC heating elements is safer, more convenient, and energy-saving.
  • The design of recycle heating in low power keeps the food warm and fresh.
  • Dual-function for heating and warm-keeping.
  • Colors available: BLUE, RED, GREEN, PINK
  • Size: 238 x 170 x 108mm
  • Voltage: 110v~220v
  • Capacity: 1.1L - 1.2L


1x Lid
1x Heat-Safe Spoon
1x Main Compartment
1x Side Compartment
1x Heating Base
1x Electrical Cord (for home or office)